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Wine dinner: Paolo Scavino, legendary Barolo producer Feb. 16

riccardo sgarro

Above: Italian wine expert Riccardo Sgarra from Piedmont, Italy will lead guests through a guided tasting and dinner featuring the wines of Paolo Scavino on February 16 at Al Fico.

A wine dinner featuring
the wines of legendary Barolo producer
Paolo Scavino

with guest speaker and Italian wine expert
Riccardo Sgarra (from Piedmont, Italy)

6 wines and 5 courses

Tuesday, February 16
6:00 p.m.
$125 per person
not including tax & gratuity

Please call (512) 469-9400 to reserve.
Limited availability.

Leading Italian wine writer Antonio Galloni (Vinous) on the wines of Paolo Scavino:

Proprietor Enrico Scavino, along with his talented daughters Elisa and Enrica has been at the forefront in making rich, textured Baroli that can be enjoyed relatively young, but without sacrificing longevity. The Scavino family owns vineyards in many of Piemonte’s top sites across multiple villages. It’s hard to know where to start, the Baroli Bric dël Fiasc, Cannubi and Riserva Rocche dell’Annunziata are all benchmarks.

Meet Shandon Brockett, Al Fico’s new executive chef

shandon head shot web ready

Born in Sonoma, the 26-year-old Brockett has literally worked in restaurants his whole life.

“My dad owned a restaurant in Inverness, California [Western Marin County], the heart of California cheesemaking country. He put me to work at 12 years old as a dishwasher. By 13, I was prepping. By 14 I was cooking on the line.”

The cuisine was “old school” California, says Brockett remembering that time of his life fondly. We had our oysters from Drakes Bay and Hog Island,” the famed Northern California oysters farms, and “sometimes we bought fish straight off the boat.”

After deciding to pursue a career in cooking, Shandon landed a highly coveted spot working as a line cook for Duskie Estes, owner and executive chef at Zazu, one of America’s farm-to-table pioneers, a farmer and rancher who raises much of her own ingredients.

“She required the cooks to see the animals on their last day. That really affected me,” he says. “If someone burned bacon from one of her pigs, they were gone.”

Shandon joined the Al Fico team a few months ago as sous chef and this week has stepped up into the role of executive chef.

His new menu (coming soon!) will focus on the regional cuisines of Italy and sustainability in the kitchen.

“Italian food comes from people having very little and making the best of it.”

“That, for me, is really beautiful and that’s why I love Italian food the most.”

The management team at Al Fico is very sad to say “arrivederci” to Chef Clinton Bertrand, who was fundamental in creating and launching the restaurant’s opening menu. Many of his dishes, which have already become guests’ favorites, will remain on our current menu. A devoted husband and father, Chef Clinton is leaving to spend more time with family and pursue other projects. We will miss him dearly and we wish him well in all future culinary endeavors.

Nervi Gattinara Rosé from Nebbiolo

nervi rosato wine

“The Nervi Rosa is gently herbal and not a little stony,” says Al Fico sommelier Tom King, “the wild berry impression is there, but in the background.”

Nervi is the oldest officially-recognized winery in the Gattinara DOCG. It was founded by Luigi Nervi in 1906 and includes 24 hectares of Nebbiolo vines in the Casacce, Garavoglie, Molsino and Valferana vineyards. The Molsino vineyard is one of Piedmont´s finest South facing amphitheaters. The Valferana vineyard can be traced back to 1242 as Valferane in Gattinara´s municipal deeds.

Nestled in the foothills of Monterosa – Europe´s second highest mountain – the estate is protected from northerly winds, ensuring sufficient precipitation and a steady yet warming breeze through the vines. With plenty of volcanic gravel and high clay content in the soil, Nervi´s vineyards are unique in an Italian oenology. More than 100 years of experience making Gattinara wine at Nervi has taught them that only through long-term aging do we manage to transform Gattinara´s high level of tannins and acidity into a well-balanced wine. As a result, in the cellars of Nervi they typically exceed the formal DOCG aging requirements by a year or two before releasing their wines to market. The Gattinara DOCG minimum aging requirement is three years of which two in wood. The Gattinara DOCG Riserva and single-vineyard minimum aging requirement is four years of which three in wood. Hence Luigi Nervi´s motto: Nectar in tempore, meaning that patient aging in Nervi’s cellars will transform our Nebbiolo grapes into the prized elixir that made Roman gods immortal.

The people have spoken: “Dopamine meet Serotonin. Austin meet Italy.”

“Top quality food, wine, and service. I grew up in and traveled in Europe. I was pleased to see my favorite pasta shape on the menu last night, rigatoni. It’s made in-house and the mushroom ragu sauce was full of flavor with a hearty texture that was so gentle it melted in my mouth.”

Diana via Yelp

“Hands down the best Italian in Austin!”

Craig Via Yelp

“New favorite. Favorite new. Dopamine meet Serotonin. Austin meet Italy.”

Kimberly via Yelp

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Cacio e pepe, a Roman classic at Al Fico

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The “Cappuccina”…

Butter Lettuce, Pickled Persimmons, Castelvetrano Olives, Walnuts, Whipped Ricotta.

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