Here at Alfico Austin, we work with all types of industries with various clienteles that includes large corporations, mid-size companies, non-profit organizations, and small start-up companies.

We look at the business from an executives’ perspective as we start by finding the proper details and asking the right questions before we dig into the numbers to find the best business solutions.

Our professionals are highly skilled at delivering successful solutions in the following areas:

Strategic Communications

Our strategic communications service creates and establishes strategies for clients looking to build financial management, reputational and regulatory challenges.

Corporate Finance and Restructuring

Our corporate practice improves the efficiency and effectiveness of operations that focus on increasing revenues and cutting on costs. We also provide the necessary asset valuations with strategic analysis.

Economic Consulting

We provide law firms and agencies with comprehensible reports of issues to help assist them in accessing the opportunities and challenges they may face. We have experience in energy, Pharmaceutical, media, transportation, telecommunications, and financial services.

Litigation and Forensic Consulting

The Litigation and Forensic Consulting practice provide our clients with independent dispute advisory, data analysis, and forensic accounting services to help the community and global business. Our practice has helped clients protect enterprise value by providing aid in lost profits, valuations, malpractice and more.


Alfico Austin Consulting offers our clients a thorough portfolio and support to help them streamline processes and control the risk more confidently. Our team includes software developers, discovery experts, and forensic specialists.

Alfico Austin is committed to leaving each organization we work with stronger than when we first started.

Here at Alfico Austin, we go beyond the generation questions and solutions as we take our approach and recommendations seriously to customize our solutions based on the client’s needs. We help our customers decide where they want to do and what it takes to get there.